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First off I apologize that there are too many photos to choose from.  I see so many amazingly beautiful thing to make pictures of in the world around me everyday that I can't only choose a handful to show.  I was told once to only show your best and keep it tight.  But I find that hard because I see different shots for different reasons and so when it comes to narrowing it down... well that's a challenge.  And besides we are all different and who who knows what you might like.

Speaking of likes... not the social media thumbs up type.  Here we use hearts!  If you're browsing the galleries and see one that catches your eye just let your mouse hover over the image and a heart will appear.  If you click the heart and make an account then I can see them also.

About accounts... I recently preformed a major site upgrade and the ALL PHOTOS section you are currently visiting is actually my old site repurposed to show more image. So the accounts on the new site are technically separate from the accounts on the older section.  This is not an ideal situation I know but unavoidable. So please just bare with the process and use the same info you used on the main site, if you made an account.

Once you've made you account and liked your image choice just send me a note via the contact page and we'll get going on figuring out the details for you project.